Scoala Gimnaziala nr.1 Branesti is a primary school, located in a disadvantaged area in a rural suburb of Bucharest. Some of the elderly in Branesti are Bulgarians and they keep their traditions. The school and the students are all involved with this traditions.
Our school consists of approximately 450 students of which 12 are special needs, supervised by 32 teachers . Our special needs teacher is a speech therapist. The majority of the families have a low income and a low level of education . Many families and students are in a tough social and economic situation. The school develops the European school curriculum in order to grow the students' knowledge. The participation in this project is an important way to widen their knowledge and horizon by learning about other cultures and countries. The possibility to achieve this partnership opens new perspectives for the students to study the cultural heritage, the social inclusion and diversity and how to work with others (informing, sharing, supporting) and how to get involved in decision- making. They will become aware of their potential to make a change in their community. This way they will keep in touch with traditions. This enables them to keep in contact with our elderly community and learn from their wisdom and knowledge . Students will become more sensitive about their cultural heritage. Whether a student, a parent or teacher, they will share this magical journey, filled with adventures. It will widen their perspectives and socializing skills and learn about other countries and their cultures.
The strengths of the school are: a competent management team that desires to turn the school into a European one.Teachers are trained and eager to keep up with what's new in didactic teaching school subjects. Our extracurricular activities are carried out to a high level Quality, attended with great pleasure not only by the students, but also by their parents and grandparents.
We value the uniqueness and importance of every student and will seek to help them form a sense of their own worth through developing self confidence, self expression and the ability to relate with peers and others, while at all times making allowances for diversity among people.
Our students are open to everything new, showing great interest in language learning, the use of ICT, exploration and discovery, the arts, music, dance, sport activities, literature and cultural activities. They recorded good results at school competitions and Olympiads ( Romanian, English, mathematics, art education, music education, physical education and sport) .
Our school is very important for the local community. Having the support of the Mayor and other local authorities,regionally, the school is involved in numerous educational projects, promoting the non-formal learning. Nationally, school students and teachers participate in various competitions and extracurricular activities and educational projects.
Our school wants to meet all challenges of continuous changes in the type of curriculum and assessment at the end of the curricular cycles and, therefore, must become more modern, innovative, adaptable, to develop new management strategies, participating in partnerships at European level, to make contact with schools in other European countries, to find and produce new methods of teaching and learning-assessment in terms of XXI century skills development for the benefit of students. This way our students will discover opportunities which they will use at the further levels of education.