LTTA- SP-SCHOOL-ONLY-EXCH - Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in Branesti, Ilfov County, ROMANIA

  • This LTTA focused on sport and dance in this event, because we believe sport and dance brings together millions of people, regardless of their sex, colour, gender, age, nationality or religion, and has thus the potential to play an important role in creating an inclusive society. Sports activities ranging from the local to the national and international level, embracing leisure as well as competitive sport, supported the integration of migrants, and the inclusion and participation in society of persons belonging to minorities. In other words, engaging and participating in sport events was an ideal platform to foster inclusion, acceptance of diversity and mutual respect while combating racism, discrimination and exclusion.
  • Dance and music is an international language built up European consciousness under the idea of unity in diversity. Music and dance with good sounds does not need a special language to build up international understanding. Participants taught each other traditional dances and in the end they created one common unique dance with elements of 6 different countries.
  • On Monday, the 25th March 2019, the participants and the accompanying people from Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Turkey and the UK were received by Romanian school’s Headmistress, Mrs. Nicoleta Tone. 21 pupils and 13 teachers from the 5 guest schools were invited at the House of teachers of Ilfov Country, where Branesti’s mayor, Mr. Niculae Cismaru, gave a speech, as did the Manager of the House Of Teachers, Mr. Florin Petrescu. The delegations visited the House of Teachers, they spoke with local students and local community. Conducted by the school’s Headmistress, they had a tour in small groups of the host school and they got in contact with Romanian pupils. The teachers of the host school organized icebreakers in order for the children to know each other better. 30 pupils from the 6 partner schools painted t-shirts. After that, they attend lessons in small groups (secondary level), and had visited the exhibition of the 3D models of Romanian historical places.
  • Tuesday, the 26th March 2019, was sports activity day (tournament). Each country presented its traditional sport, then the others learnt it. The International Dance day was marked by presenting traditional dances from the 6 partner countries during a pupils’ show. The guest students took pictures and recorded videos. They participated at Romanian school's activities like dancing folk dance, singing traditional songs in order to share its cultural legacy. When the guest students returned to their schools, they prepared PPT presentations and a mini documentary for sharing in school lessons and activities to present the host countries culture and heritage. After that, 25 pupils worked together in mixed groups on tangibles results of our project.
  • On Wednesday, the 27th march 2019, took place documentary visits in Bucharest and surroundings, where the pupils from partners countries got in touch with Romanian culture, diversity, social inclusion cases etc. Once at school, the delegations set up Erasmus Stalls, where teachers and pupils from the host school were invited, and the local community. The students made presentations about their national sport, art, food. The participants recorded videos, took photos and published them on twinspace and then on Erasmus corners in schools. Together with 10 Romanian pupils, the participants worked on eTwinning platform and on Project’s website, uploading the materials.
  • On Thursday, the 28th March 2019, were held the finals of tournaments, as team sports. After this activity, the participants worked on European Dictionary, as on the materials to be used on eTwinning/ websites of the schools and Project’s website. The European Dictionary was designed and created by the participant students. They checked each other's daily expressions searched before the mobility as homework , made corrections and wrote the final version to be published, as the recorded one (audio format). The end of the day was marked by the present of Ilfov county’s newspapers who interviewed the pupils and the teachers in the mobility.
  • On Friday, the 29th March 2019, the participants planted together the Erasmus Tree, the worked on Graffiti Wall by painting it and writing peace messages, and they were rewarded with Certificates of Attendance and Diplomas for sport activities.