LTTA- SP-SCHOOL-ONLY-EXCH - Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in Braintree, UK

The Croatian and Polish students were accommodated with the hosting families. As requested by schools, the Turkish, Romanian and Portuguese students were accommodated in hotel, with their teachers.

Monday, the 16th of April 2018: The headmaster welcomed the delegations and presented the school and its facilities by a walking tour. The guest teachers and pupils explored the British culture and attended the lessons in Alec Hunter Academy to make an observation and examine the curriculum of the country. In the afternoon, teachers and pupils walked into Braintree, participated at the Town Halls’. They talked about The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (21st  May) -How we manage with our immigrant cultural diversity and religious differences. In small mixed groups they have been involved in the workshop with the topic ,, Amnesty International”. Pupils presented their country, town and school, their national values and cultural heritage, as their best practices in Diversity Club. The teachers discussed about Diversity Club activities implemented by April 2018, exchanging best practices. The British students ensured the good use of English on these materials.

Tuesday, the 17th of April 2018, guest teachers and pupils accompanied by British students and teachers made a documentary and cultural visit to London (Tower of London, Thames, the Houses of Parliament, historical places, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden).

Wednesday, the 18th of April, Alec Hunter Academy’s teachers involved pupils and guest teachers in learning about the causes of the Holocaust/ upstanders and bystanders. All together they studied Braintree and its community. The British students made PPT presentations about their community. Guests and hosts participated in a workshop about Holocaust, then they presented their results and made a reflection. In the afternoon pupils and teachers have experienced the British culture and history by documenting themselves at Framlingham Castle.

Thursday, the 19th of April 2018, students and teachers participated in a documentary visit to Cambridge, Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge, and Tour University Talk. During the lunch at the University, the pupils participated to a Mix It up at Lunch activity. Graduates from Cambridge University Guided Tour around Cambridge and The Colleges-Punting with and by University students. 

Friday, the 20th of April 2018, pupils and teachers all together participated in the workshops“ Let’s share our traditional dances”. By working together, the pupils, under teachers’ supervision, wrote an article in English about the experience in UK and translated it in their mother tongue for newspapers and schools magazins. They produces materials to be used on Erasmus+ boards from their school. The also made a padlet with their thoughts regarding what they learnt.  They made a reflection of the visit, gathering feed-back from all partners. Pupils planted Erasmus Tree in the school’s garden. Participating teachers discussed the next mobility in Poland. Each participant received a Certificate of Participation.

After returning home, the students will prepare testimonials in mother tongue and English about this experience. These concrete results will be presented in their schools and published on schools ‘magazines, TwinSpace, schools’ websites, on Project’s website and on local newspapers.